Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словами in a

Словосочетания со словами in a

Rome wasn't built in a day
Great things are not accomplished overnight; great deeds take a long time. A proverb.
A takes a long time to write a successful novel, but don't worry; Rome wasn't built in a day, as the saying goes.
all in a day's work
all in the day's work
Unpleasant or bad but to be expected; not harder than usual; not unusual.
Что-то неприятное, но чего можно было ожидать или от чего можно легко избавиться.
Keeping ants away from a picnic lunch is all in the day's work.
When the car had a flat tire, Father said that it was all in a day's work.
Oh, don’t worry, it was all in a day’s work.
О, не переживай, это был пустяк, не проблема.
all in all
in all
When everything is thought about; in summary; altogether.
All in all, it was a pleasant day's cruise.
All in all, the pilot of an air-plane must have many abilities and years of experience before he can he appointed.
Counting the balls on the green, we have six golf balls in all.
There were a few problems, but all in all it was a well-organized seminar.
Leonard got a low grade in one subject, but all in all he’s a good student.
The person or thing that you love most.
She was all in all to him.
Music was his all in all.
any port in a storm
Any help is welcome in an emergency. A proverb.
В исключительной ситуации любая помощь будет принята. (Пословица)
The motel we stopped in was nothing to brag about, but we were so exhausted that it was a clear case of any port in a storm.
The hotel was substandard, but it was a case of any port in a storm; all the others were full.
Отель был низкого качества, но выхода не было – все остальные отели заняли.
arm in arm
With your arm under or around another person's arm, especially in close comradeship or friendship.
Рука об руку, взявшись за руки, говорится о близких людях.
Sally and Joan were laughing and joking together as they walked arm in arm down the street.
When they arrived at the party, the partners walked arm in arm to meet the hosts.
The couple walked along the beach arm in arm.
Парочка шла вдоль пляжа рука об руку.
as happy as a flea in a doghouse
очень счастливый и довольный
Since she moved to a smaller apartment, my mother is as happy as a flea in a doghouse.
С тех пор как она переехала в квартиру поменьше, моя мама неимоверно счастлива.
be in a stew
To be worried, harassed, upset.
Al has been in a stew ever since he got word that his sister was going to marry his worst enemy.
big frog in a small pond
big fish in a small pond
An important person in a small place or position; someone who is respected and honored in a small company, school, or city; a leader in a small group.
Важная или высокопоставленная персона, которая работает в маленькой группе или организации.
As company president, he had been a big frog in a small pond, but he was not so important as a new congressman in Washington.
He could get a job with a big company but he enjoys being a big fish in a small pond.
Он мог бы получить работу в большой компании, но ему нравится быть большой рыбой в маленьком пруду.