Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом hook

Фразеологизмы со словом hook

all shook up
shook up
In a state of great emotional upheaval; disturbed; agitated.
What are you so shook up about?
by hook or by crook
By honest ways or dishonest in any way necessary.
The wolf tried to get the little pigs by hook or by crook.
The team was determined to win that last game by hook or by crook, and three players were put out of the game for fouling.
get the sack
get the hook
To be fired or dismissed from work; lose a job.
John got the sack at the factory last week.
Uncle Willie can't keep a job; he got the sack today for sleeping on the job.
To be told by one's lover that the relationship is over.
Joanna gave Sam the sack.
give the sack
give the hook
To fire from a job; dismiss.
The bank has done its best to give the sacked staff enough time and compensation.
hook up
To connect or fit together.
The company sent a man to hook up the telephone.
They could not use the gas stove because it had not been hooked up.
hook, line and sinker
Without question or doubt; completely.
Johnny was so easily fooled that he fell for Joe's story, hook, line and sinker.
Mary was such a romantic girl that she swallowed the story Alice told her about her date, hook, line and sinker.
Bobby trusted Jim so he was taken in by his hard-luck story hook, line and sinker.
hooked on
Addicted to a substance such as cigarettes, coffee, tea, drugs, or alcohol.
Fred is hooked on grass, but Tim is only hooked on tea.
Enthusiastic or very supportive of something.
I am hooked on the local symphony.
A connection, electrical or otherwise, between two instruments or two individuals.
Edwin and Hermione are a perfect couple; they have got the right hookup.