Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом hold

Фразеологизмы со словом hold

bury the hatchet
hold out an olive branch
To settle a quarrel or end a war; make peace.
The two men had been enemies a long time, but after the flood they buried the hatchet.
catch hold of
To grasp a person or a thing.
"I've been trying to catch hold of you all week," John said, "but you were out of town."
The mountain climber successfully caught hold of his friend's hand and thereby saved his life.
get hold of
To get possession of.
Little children sometimes get hold of sharp knives and cut themselves.
To find a person so you can speak with him.
Mr. Thompson spent several hours trying to get hold of his lawyer.
hang on to your hat
hold on to your hat
hold your hat
Watch out; be prepared. Used as a command, usually to warn of an unexpected action.
"Hold on to your hat," said Jim as he stepped on the gas and the car shot forward.
Get ready for a surprise. Used as a command, usually to warn of unexpected news.
"Hold on to your hat," said Mary. "Jim asked me to marry him."
have it in for
hold a grudge against
To wish or mean to harm; have a bitter feeling against.
George has it in for Bob because Bob told the teacher that George cheated in the examination.
After John beat Ted in a fight, Ted always had it in for John.
Martina expects to lose her job because her boss has had it in for her for a long time.
The teacher has held a grudge against Al ever since the time that he insulted her in front of the class.
have the whip over
hold the whip over
To control; dominate.
Eugene has always held the whip over his younger brothers and sisters.
hold a brief for
To argue in support of; defend. Usually used with a negative.
I hold no brief for John, but I do not think he was responsible for the accident.
The lawyer said he held no brief for thievery, but he considered the man should he given another chance.
hold a candle to
hold a stick to
To be fit to be compared with; be in the same class with. A trite phrase used in negative, interrogative, and conditional sentences.
Henry thought that no modern ball club could hold a candle to those of 50 years ago.