Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом hang

Словосочетания со словом hang

change color
To become pale.
The sight was so horrible that Mary changed color from fear.
Bill lost so much blood from the cut that he changed color.
To become pink or red in the face; become flushed; blush.
Mary changed color when the teacher praised her drawing.
Tom got angry at the remark and changed color.
change hands
To change or transfer ownership.
Ever since our apartment building changed hands, things are working a lot better.
change horses in the middle of a stream
change horses in midstream
To make new plans or choose a new leader in the middle of an important activity.
When a new President is to be elected during a war, the people may decide not to change horses in the middle of a stream.
change of heart
A change in the way one feels or thinks about a given task, idea or problem to be solved.
Изменение в эмоциональном отношении к чему-либо, полученной задаче, идее или проблеме, требующей решения.
Joan had a change of heart and suddenly broke off her engagement to Tim.
Fred got admitted to medical school, but he had a change of heart and decided to go into the Foreign Service instead.
I had a change of heart and I decided to go to a movie with my friend.
Я передумал и решил пойти в кино с моим другом.
change of life
The menopause (primarily in women).
Women usually undergo a change of life in their forties or fifties.
change of pace
A quick change in what you are doing.
John studied for three hours and then read a comic book for a change of pace.
The doctor told the man he needed a change of pace.
change off
To take turns doing something; alternate.
John and Bill changed off at riding the bicycle.
Bob painted one patch of wall and then he changed off with Tom.
change one's mind
To alter one's opinion or judgment on a given issue.
I used to hate Chicago, but as the years passed I gradually changed my mind and now I actually love living here.
We have changed our minds and are going to Canada instead of California this summer.
Matthew has changed his mind several times about buying a new car.