Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом hand. Страница три

Фразеологизмы со словом hand. Страница три

come in handy
To prove useful.
Robinson Crusoe found tools in the ship which came in handy when he built a house.
The French he learned in high school came in handy when he was in the army in France.
come to hand
To be received or obtained.
Father's letter was mailed from Florida last week and came to hand today.
The new books came to hand today.
New information about the boy's disappearance came to hand yesterday.
dirty one's hands
soil one's hands
To lower or hurt one's character or good name; do a bad or shameful thing.
The teacher warned the children not to dirty their hands by cheating in the examination.
I would not soil my hands by going with bad people and doing bad things.
eat out of one's hand
To trust someone fully; believe or obey someone without question.
Полностью кому-либо доверять; верить или подчиняться кому-либо без всяких вопросов.
The governor has the reporters eating out of his hand.
Helen is so pretty and popular that all the boys eat out of her hand.
Jack is a very proud man. I don’t think he is capable of eating out of anybody’s hand.
Джек очень гордый человек. Я не думаю, что он способен подчиняться кому-то.
Fresh; genuine; from the original source.
Из первых рук; из оригинального источника.
John says he got the information firsthand from the president himself.
They learned the happy news from their friends firsthand.
Они узнали хорошие новости напрямую от своих друзей.
fly off the handle
To become very angry.
Рассердиться; сорваться на крик.
The teacher flew off the handle because the students were disrupting the class.
Учитель сорвался на крик, так как ученики срывали урок.
John flew off the handle whenever Mary made a mistake.
The children's noise made the man next door fly off the handle.
force one's hand
To make you do something or tell what you will do sooner than planned.
Ben did not want to tell where he was going, but his friend forced his hand.
Mr. Smith planned to keep his land until prices went up, but he had so many doctor bills that it forced his hand.
free hand
give one a free hand
with a free hand
Great freedom.
The teacher had a free hand in her classroom.
Bob put paint on the fence with a free hand.