Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом hair

Словосочетания со словом hair

by a hair
Немного, чуть-чуть.
He smiled by a hair.
Он чуть-чуть улыбался.
crew cut
crew haircut
A boy's or man's hair style, cut so that the hair stands up in short, stiff bristle.
Many boys like to get crew cuts during the summer to keep cooler.
curl one's hair
To shock; frighten; horrify; amaze.
Шокировать; испугать; удивить.
Wait till you read what it says about you - this'll curl your hair.
The movie about monsters from another planet curled his hair.
I could tell you stories that would make your hair curl.
Я могу рассказывать тебе истории, от которых у тебя волосы от ужаса на голове дыбом встанут.
fair-haired boy
A person that gets special favors; favorite; pet.
Человек, который получает особое расположение кого-либо; любимчик.
If he wins the election by a large majority, he will become his party's fair-haired boy.
The local boy playing first base could do no wrong; he was the fair-haired boy of the fans.
Charles was a very good student and behaved very well; he became the teacher’s fair-haired boy.
Чарльз был очень хорошим учеником и вел себя очень хорошо. Он стал любимчиком учителя.
get gray hair
get gray
To become old or gray from worrying; become very anxious or worried. Often used with over.
"If John doesn't join the team, I won't get gray hair over it," the coach said.
Naughty children are why mothers get gray.
give gray hair
To make (someone) anxious, confused, or worried.
The traffic problem is enough to give a policeman gray hairs.
go to the chair
To be executed in the electric chair.
After many stays of execution, the criminal finally had to go to the chair.
hair of the dog that bit you
Использовать небольшое количество того от чего заболели, например немного алкоголя, когда нужно прийти в себя после того как выпили слишком много.
Here, have a drop of this. It's a little hair of the dog that bit you!
Вот, хлебни немного. Клин клином вышибают!