Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом give

Фразеологизмы со словом give

Indian giver
A person who gives one something, but later asks for it back. An ethnic slur; avoidable.
John gave me a beautiful fountain pen, but a week later, like an Indian giver, he wanted it back.
brush off
give the brush off
To refuse to hear or believe; quickly and impatiently; not take seriously or think important.
John brushed off Bill's warning that he might fall from the tree.
I said that it might rain and to take the bus, but Joe gave my idea the brushoff.
Father cut his finger but he brushed it off as not important and kept working.
To be unfriendly to; not talk or pay attention to (someone); get rid of.
Mary brushed off Bill at the dance.
I said hello to Mr. Smith, but he gave me the brushoff.
calling down
dressing down
give one a dressing down
A scolding; reprimand.
The judge gave the boy a calling down for speeding.
The sergeant gave the soldier a good dressing down because his shoes were not shined.
cold shoulder
give a cold shoulder
turn a cold shoulder
get the cold shoulder
Unfriendly treatment of a person, a showing of dislike for a person or of looking down on a person. Used in the cliches give the cold shoulder or turn a cold shoulder to or get the cold shoulder.
Игнорирование человека. Демонстрирование пренебрежительного отношения. Используется в таких клише как give the cold shoulder, turn a cold shoulder to или get the cold shoulder.
When Bob asked Mary for a date she gave him the cold shoulder.
The membership committee turned a cold shoulder to Jim's request to join the club.
After giving my opinion, he gave me the cold shoulder.
После того как я высказал свое мнение, он меня просто проигнорировал.
forgive and forget
To have no bad feelings about what happened in the past.
After the argument the boys decided to forgive and forget.
free hand
give one a free hand
with a free hand
Great freedom.
The teacher had a free hand in her classroom.
Bob put paint on the fence with a free hand.
get a big hand
get a good hand
get a nice hand
give a big hand
To clap one’s hands in applause, to applaud.
Заслужить аплодисменты. Апплодировать.
She got a big hand for singing so well.
Она заслужила аплодисменты за то, что так хорошо пела.
After the talented new vocalist had sung her number, the audience gave her a big hand.
Should we give a big hand to each beauty contestant is as she is introduced, or should we wait until all the introductions are finished?
get a fix
give a fix
To provide (someone) with an injection of narcotics.
The neighborhood pusher gave Joe a fix.