Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом full

Фразеологизмы со словом full

come full circle
To become totally opposed to one's own earlier conviction on a given subject.
Today's conservative businessperson has come full circle from former radical student days.
To change and develop, only to end up where one started.
From modern permissiveness, ideas about child raising have come full circle to the views of our grandparents.
full blast
At full capacity.
With all the research money at their disposal, the new computer firm was going ahead full blast.
full of beans
Full of pep; feeling good; in high spirits.
The football team was full of beans after winning the tournament.
The children were full of beans as they got ready for a picnic.
Being foolish and talking nonsense.
His explanation is totally full of beans and doesn't answer the question at all.
full of oneself
Interested only in yourself.
Joe would be a nice boy if he would stop being so full of himself.
full of prunes
Being foolish and talking nonsense.
You are full of prunes; that man's not 120 years old.
full of the Old Nick
full of the devil
full of it
Always making trouble; naughty; bad.
That boy is full of the Old Nick.
full of the joys of spring
Тот, кто счастлив и полон энергии и энтузиазма.
Barbara is full of the joys of spring at the moment! Has she got a new boyfriend?
Барбара просто цветет и пахнет! У нее новый парень?
full of the moon
The moon when it is seen as a full circle; the time of a full moon.
The robbers waited for a dark night when the full of the moon was past.