Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского словом for

Фразеологизмы со словом for

God forbid
May God prevent (something from happening); I hope that will not happen or is not true.
Someone told the worried mother that her son might have drowned. She said, "God forbid!"
God forbid that the dam break and flood the valley!
acquire a taste for
To become fond of something; get to like something.
Jack acquired a taste for ripe cheeses when he went to France.
all for
Быть целиком за.
I was all for going on a picnic, the day is so sunny.
Я полностью за то, чтобы пойти на пикник; день такой солнечный.
all right for you
I'm finished with you! That ends it between you and me! Used by children.
All right for you! I'm not playing with you any more!
all-out effort
A great and thorough effort at solving a given problem.
The President is making an all-out effort to convince Congress to pass the pending bill on health care.
allow for
To provide for; leave room for; give a chance to; permit.
She cut the skirt four inches longer to allow for a wide hem.
Democracy allows for many differences of opinion.
along for the ride
Being in a group for the fun or the credit without doing any of the work.
He wants no members in his political party who are just along for the ride.
and so forth
and so on
And more of the same kind; and further amounts or things like the ones already mentioned.
The costumes were red, pink, blue, purple, yellow, and so forth.