Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом flesh

Словосочетания со словом flesh

flesh and blood
A close relative (as a father, daughter, brother); close relatives. Used in the phrase one's own flesh and blood.
Близкие родственники; плоть и кровь.
Such an answer from her - and she's my own flesh and blood, too!
She is my flesh and blood so I felt terrible when she got into trouble.
Она моя плоть и кровь, поэтому я чувствовал себя отвратительно, когда она попала в беду.
The appearance of being real or alive.
The author doesn't give his characters any flesh and blood.
The human body.
Before child labor laws, small children often worked 50 or 60 hours a week in factories. It was more than flesh and blood could bear.
flesh out
To add to; make fuller, bigger, or longer.
The author fleshed out his story by adding more about his war experiences.
To become heavier, put on weight, or flesh.
He lost weight after his illness but is beginning to flesh out again.
flesh up
To become heavier, put on weight, or flesh.
He lost weight after his illness but is beginning to flesh up again.
in person
in the flesh
Yourself; personally.
A TV actor appeared in person today in school.
The governor cannot march in the parade in person today, but his wife wilt march.
neither fish nor fowl
neither fish, flesh, nor fowl
Something or someone that does not belong to a definite group or known class; a strange person or thing; someone or something odd or hard to understand.
The man is neither fish nor fowl; he votes Democrat or Republican according to which will do him the most good.
Mrs. Harris bought a piece of furniture that was both a table and a chair. Mr. Harris said it was neither fish nor fowl.
The movie is neither fish nor fowl; it is a funny love story.
pound of flesh
The maximum payment authorized by law.
He had hoped that Peter would be lenient regarding the interest they had agreed on, but Peter demanded his full pound of flesh.
press the flesh
To shake hands with total strangers by the hundreds, keeping an artificial smile all the way, in order to raise one's popularity during political elections.
Incumbent Governor Maxwell was pressing the flesh all day long at six different hotels.
the creeps
give the creeps
make one's flesh creep
An uncomfortable tightening of the skin caused by fear or shock.
Reading the story of a ghost gave Joe the creeps.
The queer noises in the old house gave Mary the creeps.
A strong feeling of fear or disgust.
(Вызвать) сильное чувство страха или отвращения; вызвать "мурашки по коже".
The cold, damp, lonely swamp gave John the creeps.
The dog was so ugly it gave Mary the creeps.
The novel has moments to make the flesh creep.
В романе есть места, от которых мурашки по спине пробегают.