Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом field

Словосочетания со словом field

far afield
Remote; far from the original starting point.
When we started to discuss theology. Jack was obviously getting far afield from the subject at hand.
field goal
A score in football made by kicking the ball over the bar between the goal posts.
The Giants were not able to make a touchdown but they kicked two field goals.
A score in basketball made by a successful shot through the basket not made on a free throw.
A field goal counts two points.
have a field day
To enjoy great success or unlimited opportunity.
The visiting basketball team was so weak that our school had a field day scoring one point after another.
left field
The part of a baseball out-field to the batter's left.
Right-handed batters usually hit to left field.
left fielder
The player in baseball who plays in left field.
The scoreboard in the ball park is on the fence behind the left fielder.
midfield stripe
The line across the center of a football field; the 50-yard line.
The visitors were able to cross the midfield stripe once during the whole game.
out in left field
Far from the right answer; wrong; astray.
Johnny tried to answer the teacher's question but he was way out in left field.
Susan tried to guess what the surprise was but she was way out in left field.
Speaking or acting very queerly; crazy.
The girl next door was always queer, but after her father died, she was really out in left field and had to go to a hospital.
play the field
To date many different people; not always have dates with the same person.
Al had a steady girlfriend, but John was playing the field.
Jim was crazy about Mary, but she was still playing the field.