Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом every

Фразеологизмы со словом every

Tom, Dick, and Harry
every Tom, Dick, and Harry
People in general; anyone; everyone.
Usually preceded by "every" and used to show scorn or disrespect.
Люди в целом; все, каждый.
Обычно используется со словом "every".
The drunk told his troubles to every Tom, Dick and Harry who passed by.
Draw the curtains or we'll have every Tom, Dick, and Harry peeking in the window.
Задерни занавески или все будут заглядывать в окна.
at every turn
Every time; all the time; continually without exception.
Because of his drinking, the man was refused a job at every turn.
each and every
Every. Used for emphasis.
The captain wants each and every man to be here at eight o'clock.
The teacher must learn the name of each and every pupil.
every cloud has a silver lining
Every trouble has something hopeful that you can see in it, like the bright edge around a dark cloud (a proverb).
В каждом несчастьи есть доля надежды на лучшее; "нет худа без добра" (пословица).
The doctor told Tommy to cheer up when he had measles. "Every cloud has a silver lining," he said.
I lost my job and divorced my husband, but every cloud has a silver lining and something good is sure to come my way.
Я потеряла работу и развелась с мужем, но нет худа без добра, и что-нибудь хорошее обязательно случится со мной.
We are not having vacation this year, but every cloud has a silver lining. We are going to safe money.
У нас не будет отпуска в этом году, но нет худа без добра. Мы сэкономим деньги.
every dog has his day
Everyone will have his chance or turn; everyone is lucky or popular at some time. A proverb.
Пословица. Русский аналог - "и на нашей улице будет праздник".
Mary will be able to go to dances like her sister when she grows up. Every dog has his day.
Don’t worry, it will be ok. Every dog has its day.
Не беспокойся, все обойдется. Каждому выпадает шанс когда-нибудь.
Everyone has a chance for success so one should be patient and remember that every dog has his day.
У всех есть шанс на успех, поэтому, каждый должен быть терпеливым и помнить, что "будет и на нашей улице праздник".
every inch
To the last part, in every way; completely.
He was every inch a man.
Henry looked every inch a soldier.
every last man
every man jack
Every single man; each man without exception.
I want every last man to be here on time tomorrow morning.
Every man jack of you must do his duty.
every living soul
Каждый, каждая живая душа.
When the circus arrived at a small town, every living soul came to have a look at it.
Когда цирк приехал в маленький городок, каждая живая душа пришла посмотреть на него.