Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом edge

Фразеологизмы со словом edge

a little knowledge is a dangerous thing
A person who knows a little about something may think he knows it all and make bad mistakes. A proverb.
John has read a book on driving a car and now he thinks he can drive. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
edge away
To withdraw or retreat gradually.
Frightened by the growling tiger guarding its catch, the hunter carefully edged away.
edge in on
To gradually approach an individual or a group with the intent of taking over or wielding power.
Jack was edging in on the firm of Smith and Brown and after half a year actually became its vice president.
To approach for capture (said of a group).
The hunters were edging in on the wounded leopard.
edge in
To move slowly; get in quietly, especially with some difficulty, by force or without a big enough opening.
People had crowded around the senator, but Don succeeded in edging in.
Harry edged the book in on the shelf.
edge on
Edgewise; with the narrow side forward.
The board struck him edge on.
edge out
To defeat in competition or rivalry; take the place of; force out.
Harry edged out Tom for a place in Mary's affections.
Signal lights on cars have gradually edged out hand signals.
fence in
hedge in
fenced in
hedged in
hem in
To keep (someone) from doing what he or she would like to do. Usually used in the passive.
Mary felt fenced in because her father would not let her drive a car or have dates with boys.
John didn't like his job because he had to do the same kind of work all the time. He felt that he was hemmed in.
flying wedge
An offensive formation in football in which players link arms and line up to form a "V" with the ball carrier in the middle.
The flying wedge was so dangerous and hurt so many players that rules have forbidden it for over 50 years.
A group (as of guards or policemen) who use a "V" formation to help someone get through a crowd.
Police had to form a flying wedge to get the movie star through the crowd of autograph hunters.