Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом earth

Словосочетания со словом earth

come back to earth
come down to earth
To return to the real world; stop imagining or dreaming; think and behave as usual.
After Jane met the movie star it was hard for her to come back to earth.
Bill was sitting and daydreaming so his mother told him to come down to earth and to do his homework.
Showing good sense; practical.
The committee's first plan for the party was too fancy, but the second was more down-to-earth.
Mr. Jenkins never seems to know what is happening around him, but his wife is friendly and down-to-earth.
four corners of the Earth
four corners of the world
Вся земля; весь мир; все концы света.
Wedding guests arrived from the four corners of the world.
Гости на свадьбу прибыли изо всех уголков земли.
in the world
on earth
Of all possible things; ever. Usually used for emphasis after words that ask questions, as who, why, what, etc.
Where in the world did you find that necktie?
The boys wondered how on earth the mouse got out of the cage.
Betty could not understand what on earth the teacher meant.
move heaven and earth
To try every way; do everything you can.
Joe moved heaven and earth to be sent to Washington.
salt of the earth
One who helps to make society good and wholesome; a basically good or valuable person.
Everyone here considers Syd and Susan the salt of the earth because they are so generous.