Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом dust

Словосочетания со словом dust

after the dust clears
when the dust settles
When a troubling, confusing, or disastrous event is finally over.
John invited Tim for dinner, but since Tim's father had just died, he replied, "Thanks. I'd like to come after the dust settles."
angel dust
Phencyclidine, an addictive hallucinatory narcotic drug extremely dangerous to the users' health, also called PCP.
Mike has gone from grass to angel dust; he will end up in the morgue.
bite the dust
To be killed in battle.
Captain Jones discharged his gun and another guerrilla bit the dust.
To fall in defeat; go down before enemies; be overthrown; lose.
Потерпеть поражение; уступить сопернику или конкуренту.
Our team bit the dust today.
Andy did exceptionally well in all of the track events, but he bit the dust in the high jump competition. Much to the disappointment of his fans, he went down in defeat, losing to a competitor from the visiting team.
Энди побеждал практически во всех соревнованиях по бегу, но он потерпел поражение в соревнованиях по прыжкам в высоту. К большому разочарованию его фанатов он проиграл, уступив сопернику из команды гостей.
collecting dust
Собирать пыль; что-то, что долго не использовалось.
My dad doesn't play golf any more. His clubs are just collecting dust now.
Мой папа больше не играет в гольф. Его клюшки где-то пылятся.
dust off
To get ready to use again.
Four years after he graduated from school, Tom decided to dust off his algebra book.
To throw a baseball pitch close to.
The pitcher dusted off the other team's best hitter.
industrial park
A complex of industrial buildings and/or businesses usually located far from the center of a city in a setting especially landscaped to make such buildings look better.
The nearest supermarket that sells car tires is at the industrial park twenty miles from downtown.
kick up a fuss
kick up a row
raise a row
kick up a dust
To make trouble; make a disturbance.
When the teacher gave the class five more hours of homework, the class kicked up a fuss.
When the teacher left the room, two boys kicked up a row.
shake the dust from one's feet
To depart or leave with some measure of disgust or displeasure.
Jim was so unhappy in our small, provincial town that he was glad to shake the dust from his feet and move to New York.