Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом duck

Фразеологизмы со словом duck

a sitting duck
Очень легкая мишень, тот, кого легко обмануть.
The young girl was a sitting duck for the photographer.
Молоденькая девушка легко поддалась обману фотографа.
dead duck
A person or thing in a hopeless situation or condition; one to whom something bad is sure to happen.
Человек или дело в безнадежной ситуации; кто-то с кем обязательно случится что-те нехорошее.
When the pianist broke her arm, she was a dead duck.
Don't even waste your time; it's a dead duck.
Даже не трать свое время, это дохлое дело.
duck out
To avoid; escape from something by skillful maneuvering.
Somehow or other Jack always manages to duck out of any hard work.
duck soup
A task easily accomplished or one that does not require much effort.
That history test was duck soup.
A person who offers no resistance; a pushover.
How's the new history teacher? - He's duck soup.
get one's ducks in a row
To get everything ready.
Дословно: Построить своих (чьих-либо) уток в ряд.
Пытаться хорошо организовать какое-либо дело.
The scoutmaster told the boys to get their ducks in a row before they went to camp.
Mr. Brown got his ducks in a row for his trip.
We need to get our ducks in a row if we want our project to succeed.
Если мы хотим чтобы наш проект преуспевал, нам нужно все грамотно устроить.
knee-high to a grasshopper
knee-high to a duck
As tall as a very small child; very young.
Charles started reading when he was knee-high to a grasshopper.
I've known Mary ever since she was knee-high to a duck.
lame duck
An elected public official who has been either defeated in a new election or whose term cannot be renewed, but who has a short period of time left in office during which he can still perform certain duties, though with somewhat diminished powers.
In the last year of their second terms, American presidents are lame ducks.
like water off a duck's back
Without changing your feelings or opinion; without effect.
Advice and correction roll off him like water off a duck's back.
Many people showed him they didn't like what he was doing, but their disapproval passed off him like water off a duck's back.