Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом drop. Страница два

Фразеологизмы со словом drop. Страница два

drop dead
To go away or be quiet; stop bothering someone. Usually used as a command.
"Drop dead!" Bill told his little sister when she kept begging to help him build his model airplane.
When Sally bumped into Kate's desk and spilled ink for the fifth time, Kate told her to drop dead.
drop in the bucket
A relatively small amount; a small part of the whole.
Our university needs several million dollars for its building renovation project; $50,000 is a mere drop in the bucket.
drop in
To make a short or unplanned visit; pay a call. Often used with on.
We were just sitting down to dinner when Uncle Willie dropped in.
The Smiths dropped in on some old friends on their vacation trip to New York.
drop into
To stop (somewhere) for a short visit or a short time.
We dropped by the club to see if Bill was there, but he wasn't.
I dropped into the drugstore for some toothpaste and a magazine.
drop name
To impress people by mentioning famous names.
He likes to pretend he's important by dropping a lot of names.
drop off
fall off
To take (someone or something) part of the way you are going.
Joe asked Mrs. Jones to drop him off at the library on her way downtown.
I don’t mind dropping you off at the store on my way to work.
To fall asleep.
Jimmy was thinking of his birthday party as he dropped off to sleep.
My mother dropped off during the boring television show; her head was nodding up and down.
To die.
The patient dropped off in his sleep.
To become less. When the quality, degree, or frequency of something decreases, it falls off.
Business picked up in the stores during December, but dropped off again after Christmas.
Sales of fountain pens fell off after the ballpoint pen was invented.
The quality of his work has fallen off as he has gotten older.
Business has been dropping off rapidly recently, but fortunately it hasn’t been falling off as quickly as for our competitors.
drop out
To stop attending; quit; stop; leave.
In the middle of the race, Joe got a blister on his foot and had to drop out.
Teenagers who drop out of high school have trouble finding jobs.
Some students drop out of secondary school early in order to get jobs. However, such dropouts often regret their decision later in life.
Two more baseball teams have dropped out of the youth league due to a lack of players.
drop the ball
дословно: уронить, потерять мяч
Совершить ошибку, не справиться с ситуацией.
We lay all our hopes on you, so don’t drop the ball.
Все наши надежды на тебя, так что не подведи нас.
Please, don’t drop the ball – we are relying on you.
Пожалуйста, не совершай глупых ошибок – мы полагаемся на тебя.