Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом draw

Словосочетания со словом draw

beat to the punch
beat to the draw
To do something before another person has a chance to do it.
Сделать что-либо прежде чем другой человек будет иметь шанс сделать это.
John was going to apply for the job, but Ted beat him to the draw.
Lois bought the dress before Mary could beat her to the punch.
I wanted to have the new car, but Sally beat me to the draw.
Мне хотелось получить новую машину, но Салли меня опередила.
breathe one's last
draw one's last breath
To die.
The wounded soldier fell back on the ground and breathed his last.
He drew his last breath yesterday.
Он умер вчера.
draw a bead on
To aim at; sight (with a gun).
The deer bounded into the forest before the hunters could draw a bead on them.
John drew a bead on the elk, but didn't have the heart to pull the trigger.
To take (something) as an aim or goal.
"I'm drawing a bead on the Literary Society president's office," said Tom.
To use as a target of attack; criticize.
Whenever a politician makes a mistake, his opponents are ready to draw a bead on him.
draw a blank
To obtain nothing in return for an effort made or to get a negative result.
I looked up all the Joneses in the telephone book but I drew a blank every time I asked for Archibald Jones.
To fail to remember something.
I am trying to think of the name but I keep drawing a blank.
To be consistently unsuccessful at doing something.
I keep trying to pass that math exam but each time I try it I draw a blank.
draw a conclusion
To make an inference.
After he failed to keep an appointment with me for the third time, I drew the conclusion that he was an unreliable person.
draw a line in the sand
Установить определенные границы, за пределами которых какая-либо ситуация или активность неприемлемы.
That's it! We're going to draw a line in the sand and make this our final proposal.
Достаточно! Мы подводим черту и делаем это нашим последним предложением.
draw a line
draw the line
To think of as different.
The law in this country draws a line between murder and manslaughter.
Can you draw the line between a lie and a fib?
To set a limit to what will be done; say something cannot be done. Often used with at.
We would like to invite everybody to our party, but we have to draw a line somewhere.
Mrs. Jones draws the line at permitting the children to play in their father's den.
People fighting for their freedom often do not draw the line at murder.
I don’t mind helping him with his homework, but I draw the line at writing a term paper for him.
The conference organizers tried to accommodate the needs of the various interest groups, but they drew the line at extending the conference by two days.
draw a long breath
take a long breath
To breathe deeply when getting ready to speak or act.
Father asked who broke the window. Jim drew a long breath and admitted that he had done it.
The salesman took a long breath and started his talk.