Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом door

Словосочетания со словом door

at death's door
Very near death; dying.
He seemed to be at death's door from his illness.
at one's door
at one's doorstep
at one's door-step
Very close; very near where you live or work.
Johnny is very lucky because there's a swimming pool right at his doorstep.
Mr. Green can get to work in only a few minutes because the subway is at his door.
Used in idiom lay at one's door.
The mayor wasn't directly involved, but the voters are going to lay this scandal at his door.
We're short-staffed, so my boss is laying a lot of random stuff at my door.
back door
Rear of vehicle.
I am watching your back door.
close its doors
close one's doors
To keep someone or something from entering or joining; become closed.
The club has closed its doors to new members.
To fail as a business; go bankrupt.
The fire was so damaging that the store had to close its doors.
Business was so poor that we had to close our doors after six months.
close the door
bar the door
shut the door
To prevent any more action or talk about a subject.
The President's veto closed the door to any new attempt to pass the bill.
Joan was much hurt by what Mary said, and she closed the door on Mary's attempt to apologize.
After John makes up his mind, he closes the door to any more arguments.
Away from the public; in private or in secret; limited to a few.
The officers of the club held a closed-door meeting.
The committee decided on a closed-door rule for the investigation.
darken one's door
darken the door
To appear, as in a doorway; enter someone's home or establishment. Used in negative imperative sentences especially with never and again.
If you leave this house now, never darken my door again.
After a son shamed his father by having to go to prison, the father told him never to darken his door again.
dead as a doornail
Completely dead without the slightest hope of resuscitation.
Абсолютно мертвый, без малейшей надежды на восстановление (оживление).
This battery is dead as a doornail; no wonder your car won't start.
They've started fighting again, so the peace agreement is now dead as a doornail.
Они снова начали сражаться, так что мирный договор приказал долго жить.