Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом dead

Словосочетания со словом dead

catch dead
catch someone dead
To see or hear (someone) in an embarrassing act or place at any time. Used in the negative usually in the passive.
You won't catch Bill dead taking his sister to the movies.
John wouldn't be caught dead in the necktie he got for Christmas.
come to a dead end
come to an end
To reach a point from which one cannot proceed further, either because of a physical obstacle or because of some forbidding circumstance.
Our car came to a dead end; the only way to get out was to drive back in reverse.
The factory expansion project came to a dead end because of a lack of funds.
To end, to stop.
This idiom is used with finally and never when some activity lasts too long.
The meeting finally came to an end at ten o’clock in the evening.
Even though my friend seemed to enjoy the movie, I thought that it would never come to an end.
cut someone dead
Полностью игнорировать кого-либо.
Joan was just about to speak to James when he cut her dead.
Джоан была готова поговорить с Джеймсом, когда он её проигнорировал.
dead ahead
Exactly in front; before.
The school is dead ahead about two miles from here.
Father was driving in a fog, and suddenly he saw another car dead ahead of him.
dead and buried
Gone forever.
Slavery is dead and buried in twentieth-century America.
dead as a dodo
Что-либо без сомнения мертвое или вышедшее из употребления, или из моды.
Dodo (дронт) - вымершая птица отряда голубеобразных, истреблённая в 17-18 вв.
The floppy disk is an invention that is now (as) dead as a dodo.
Дискета – это изобретение, которое сейчас уже не используется.
dead as a doornail
Completely dead without the slightest hope of resuscitation.
Абсолютно мертвый, без малейшей надежды на восстановление (оживление).
This battery is dead as a doornail; no wonder your car won't start.
They've started fighting again, so the peace agreement is now dead as a doornail.
Они снова начали сражаться, так что мирный договор приказал долго жить.
dead center
The exact middle. Often used like an adverb.
The treasure was buried in the dead center of the island.
The arrow hit the circle dead center.