Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом cheese

Фразеологизмы со словом cheese

big cheese
big gun
big shot
big wheel
big wig
An influential or important person who has the power to do things and has connections in high places. A leader; a high official; a person of high rank.
Важная персона; лидер; руководитель высокого уровня.
Bill had been a big shot in high school.
John wanted to be the big cheese in his club.
Bill Gates is a big cheese in technology industry.
Билл Гейтс в индустрии технологий — большая шишка.
He is a big cheese in his company so you should be very nice to him.
Он очень важный человек в своей компании, так что будь милым с ним.
Uncle Ferdinand is a big wheel in Washington; maybe he can help you with your problem.
A small, suburban house built by a land developer available at low cost and resembling the other houses around it.
They moved to a suburb, but their house is just a cheesebox.
A showing of the legs of an attractive woman or a display of her breasts as in certain magazines known as cheesecake magazines.
Photographer to model: "Give us some cheesecake in that pose!"
like chalk and cheese
Быть очень разным.
I don't know why they got married – they're like chalk and cheese.
Я не знаю, почему они поженились - они абсолютно разные.
more holes than Swiss cheese
Дословно: больше дырок, чем в швейцарском сыре.
Что-то незавершенное, где не хватает многих частей.
Your plan has more holes than Swiss cheese.
Твой план совсем еще не доработан.
whole cheese
The only important person; big boss.
Joe thought he was the whole cheese in the game because he owned the ball.