Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом check

Словосочетания со словом check

blank check
A bank check written to a person who can then write in how much money he wants.
John's father sent him a blank check to pay his school bills.
Permission to another person to do anything he decides to do.
Разрешение, позволение действовать на свое усмотрение.
The teacher gave the pupils a blank check to plan the picnic.
The city gave the new department a blank check to try and solve the homeless problem.
Город дал новому департаменту карт-бланш для попытки решения проблемы бездомных.
check in
To sign your name (as at a hotel or convention). To register at a hotel or motel. The adjective form check-in derives from this idiom.
The last guests to reach the hotel checked in at 12 o'clock.
Courtney arrived in town at mid-day and promptly checked in at the Plaza Hotel. The hotel permitted an early check-in time.
There were dozens of people at the airline counters waiting to check their bags in for their flights.
To arrive.
The friends we had invited did not check in until Saturday.
To receive (something) back and make a record of it.
The coach checked in the football uniforms at the end of the school year.
The students put their books on the library desk, and the librarian checked them in.
check off
To put a mark beside (the name of a person or thing on a list) to show that it has been counted.
The teacher checked off each pupil as he got on the bus.
Bill wrote down the names of all the states he could remember, and then he checked them off against the list in his book.
check on someone
check up on someone
check on something
check up on something
To try to find out the truth or rightness of; make sure of; examine; inspect; investigate.
We checked on Dan's age by getting his birth record.
Mrs. Brown said she heard someone downstairs and Mr. Brown went down to check up on it.
You can check on your answers at the back of the book.
The police are checking up on the man to see if he has a police record.
Grandfather went to have the doctor check on his health.
The government always checks up on the background of employees who are hired for sensitive military projects.
The doctor wants me to have a thorough medical checkup as part of a preventive medicine program.
check out
To pay your hotel bill and leave. The adjective form check-out derives from this idiom.
The last guests checked out of their rooms in the morning.
The latest you should check out of the hotel is 12 noon. However, in your case, we can set a special check-out time of 2:00 P. M.
The police received a call from someone claiming to have witnessed a murder. The police sent two detectives to check the call out right away.
To go away; leave.
I hoped our guest would stay but he had to check out before Monday.
To make a list or record of.
They checked out all the goods in the store.
To give or lend (something) and make a record of it.
The boss checked out the tools to the workmen as they came to work.
To get (something) after a record has been made of it.
I checked out a book from the library.
To test (something, like a part of a motor).
The mechanic checked out the car battery.
"He checked out from the motel at nine," said the detective, "then he checked out the air in the car tires and his list of local clients."
To die.
He seemed too young to check out.
check up
To find out or try to find out the truth or correctness of something; make sure of something; investigate.
Mrs. Brown thought she had heard a burglar in the house, so Mr. Brown checked up, but found nobody.
Bill thought he had a date with Janie, but phoned her to check up.
check with
To consult.
I want to check with my lawyer before I sign the papers.
To agree with.
Does my reconciliation of our account check with the bank statement?
A periodic examination by a physician or of some equipment by a mechanic.
I am overdue for my annual physical check-up.
I need to take my car in for a check-up.