Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом care

Фразеологизмы со словом care

That takes care of that!
Informal way to say, "That concludes our business."
I paid my ex-wife the last alimony check and that takes care of that!
couldn't care less
To be indifferent; not care at all. Also heard increasingly as could care less (nonstandard in this form.)
The students couldn't care less about the band; they talk all through the concert.
devil-may-care attitude
An attitude of no concern for financial or other loss.
"Easy come, easy go," John said in a devil-may-care attitude when he lost all of his money during a poker game.
Not caring what happens; unworried.
Johnny has a devil-may-care feeling about his school work.
Alfred was a devil-may-care youth but became more serious as he grew older.
for all one cares
In the opinion of one who is not involved or who does not care what happens.
For all Jane cares, poor Tom might as well drop dead.
scared cat
A shy person; someone who is easily frightened. Usually used by or to children.
Tom was a fraidy-cat and wouldn't go in the water.
give a hang
care a hang
To have any interest or liking; care. Used also with other words in the place of hang, such as damn, rap, straw; usually used in the negative.
You can quit helping me if you want to. I don't give a hang.
Some people don't care a rap about sports.
Bruce never goes to the dances; he does not care a straw about dancing.
have a care
To be careful what you do.
Jane, have a care what you're doing with that valuable glass.
The judge told him to have a care what he said in court.