Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом business

Словосочетания со словом business

do the business
To do what is needed or wanted; get the job done; take proper action.
The boys had trouble in rolling the stone, but four of them did the business.
When the little boy cut his finger a bandage did the business.
get down to business
get down to work
To start being serious; begin to face a problem to be solved, or a task to be accomplished.
Gentlemen, I'm afraid the party is over and we must get down to business.
go about one's business
To mind one's own affairs.
Fred kept bothering me with his questions all day, so I finally told him to go about his business and leave me alone.
go out of business
To cease functioning as a commercial enterprise.
The windows of the store are all boarded up because they went out of business.
have no business
To have no right or reason.
Jack had no business saying those nasty things about Dick.
Vern's mother told him he had no business going swimming that day.
keep smb's nose out of smb's business
Не лезть в чужое дело; не совать нос в чужие дела
Keep your nose out of my business.
Не лезь не в свое дело.
land-office business
A great rush of business.
It was a hot day, and the drive-ins were doing a land-office business in ice cream and cold drinks.
mean business
To decide strongly to do what you plan to do; really mean it; be serious.
The boss said he would fire us if we didn't work harder and he means business.
When she went to college to study, she meant business.
He just liked the company of the other girls he dated, but this time he seems to mean business.