Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом burn. Страница три

Фразеологизмы со словом burn. Страница три

hang in effigy
burn in effigy
To hang or burn a figure, usually a stuffed dummy, representing a person who is disliked or scorned.
When the high school team lost the championship game, the coach was hung in effigy by the townspeople.
During World War II, Hitler was sometimes burned in effigy in the United States.
keep the home fires burning
To keep things going as usual while someone is away; wait at home to welcome someone back.
Присматривать за домом пока кто-то в отъезде; ждать дома чтобы поприветствовать возвратившегося человека.
While John was in the army, Mary kept the home fires burning.
Please, don't worry. I will stay home and keep the home fires burning while you are on holiday.
Пожалуйста, не беспокойся, я останусь дома и буду присматривать за хозяйством, пока ты в отпуске.
money to burn
have money to burn
Very much money, more than is needed.
Dick's uncle died and left him money to burn.
When Joe is twenty-one he will have money to burn.
Jean is looking for a husband with money to burn.
on ice
put on the back burner
The same as won; sure to be won.
The score was 20-10 in the last inning, and our team had the game on ice.
Away for safekeeping or later use; aside.
You will have to put your vacation plans on ice until your debts are paid.
The senator was voted out of office. He is on ice until the next election.
slow burn
A slowly increasing feeling of anger.
The boys kept teasing John, and watched him do a slow burn.
Barbara's slow burn ended only when Mary explained the misunderstanding.