Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом bull

Фразеологизмы со словом bull

bull in a china shop
A rough or clumsy person who says or does something to anger others or upset plans; a tactless person.
We were talking politely and carefully with the teacher about a class party, but John came in like a bull in a china shop and his rough talk made the teacher say no.
bull session
A long informal talk about something by a group of persons.
After the game the boys in the dormitory had a bull session until the lights went out.
bullet lane
The passing lane.
Move over into the bullet lane, this eighteen wheeler is moving too slow.
bullshit artist
A person who habitually makes exaggerated or insincerely flattering speeches designed to impress others.
Joe is a regular bullshit artist, small wonder he keeps getting promoted ahead of everyone else.
Exaggerated or insincere talk meant to impress others.
"Joe, this is a lot of bullshit!"
To exaggerate or talk insincerely in an effort to make yourself seem impressive.
"Stop bullshitting me, Joe, I can't believe a word of what you're saying."
cock-and-bull story
An exaggerated or unbelievable story.
Преувеличенная, невероятная история.
"Stop feeding me such cock-and-bull stories," the detective said to the suspect.
It is a cock-and-bull story, I don’t believe a single word.
Все это курам на смех, я не верю ни единому слову.
hit the bull's-eye
To go to the important part of the matter; reach the main question.
John hit the bull's-eye when he said the big question was one of simple honesty.
shoot the breeze
bat the breeze
fan the breeze
shoot the bull
To talk.
Jim shot the breeze with his neighbor while the children were playing.
Come into the kitchen and we'll bat the breeze over a cup of coffee.
The women were shooting the breeze about Jim's latest trouble with the police.
The fishermen were shooting the bull about the school of sail fish they had seen.