Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом brown

Словосочетания со словом brown

brown as a berry
She got back from her trip brown as a berry.
Она вернулась из путешествия совсем шоколадной.
They came back from Egypt as brown as berry.
Они вернулись из Египта очень загорелыми.
brown paper bag
An unmarked police car.
The beaver got a Christmas card because she didn't notice the brown paper bag at her back door.
brown study
A time of deep thought about something; a deep thoughtful mood.
When his wife found him, he had pushed away his books and was in a brown study.
A person who does not go to the cafeteria or to a restaurant for lunch at work, but who brings his homemade lunch to work in order to save money.
John became a brown-bagger not because he can't afford the restaurant, but because he is too busy to go there.
To curry favor in a subservient way, as by obviously exaggerated flattery.
Max brown-noses his teachers, that's why he gets all A's in his courses.
browned off
Чувствовать скуку, уныние и пресыщенность.
Tom is browned off with his job.
Тому наскучила его работа.
do up brown
To do in a thorough or complete way.
When Jim does a job, he does it up brown.