Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом bone

Словосочетания со словом bone

T-bone steak
A steak with a bone in it which looks like a T.
On Jim's birthday we had T-bone steak for supper.
bone of contention
Something to fight over; a reason for quarrels; the subject of a fight.
"Камень преткновения"; ситуация или предмет, которой порождает много споров или разногласий.
The boundary line between the farms was a bone of contention between the two farmers.
The use of the car was a bone of contention between Joe and his wife.
The salaries have been agreed on, but opening on Sundays remains a bone of contention.
Согласие было достигнуто по поводу зарплат, но работа по воскресеньям так и осталась главным предметом споров.
bone to pick
crow to pick
have a bone to pick
pick a bone
A reason for dispute; something to complain of or argue about. Often used jokingly.
"I have a bone to pick with you," he said.
There was always a crow to pick about which one would shave first in the morning.
I accept your apology and will let bygones be bygones. However, I do have a bone to pick with you.
bone up
To fill with information; try to learn a lot about something in a short time; study quickly.
Carl was boning up for an examination.
Jim had to make a class report the next day on juvenile delinquency, and he was in the library boning up on how the courts handle it.
An unusually dense or stupid person.
John is such a bonehead - small wonder he flunks all of his courses.
bred in the bone
Belonging to your nature or character, especially from early teaching or long habit; natural from belief or habit; believing deeply. Often used with hyphens.
The Willett children's cleanness is bred in the none.
Joe is a bred-in-the-bone horseman; he has been riding since he was six.
crazy bone
Sense of humor; understanding jokes.
Her way of telling the story tickled his crazy bone.
A point on the elbow that causes a painful tingling feeling when struck. Also known as the funny bone, which is thought to be a play on the homophones humorous and humerus (the arm bone that connects the elbow and shoulder).
Ugh, I just hit my crazy bone against the wall.
cut to the bone
To make (something) the least or smallest possible amount; reduce severely; leave out everything extra or unnecessary from.
Father cut Jane's allowance to the bone for disobeying him.
When father lost his job, our living expenses had to be cut to the bone.