Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом board

Словосочетания со словом board

College Boards
A set of examinations given to test a student's readiness and ability for college.
John got a high score on his College Boards.
College Boards test both what a student has learned and his ability to learn.
above board
открытый, честный, законный.
There are no secret negotiations. Our dealings have always been above board.
У нас не бывает скрытых обсуждений. Наши деловые отношения всегда были прозрачными и честными.
across the board
So that equal amounts of money are bet on the same horse to win a race, to place second, or third.
Often used with hyphens as an adjective.
I bet $6 on the white horse across the board.
I made an across-the-board bet on the white horse.
Including everyone or all, so that all are included.
Often used with hyphens as an adjective.
The President wanted taxes lowered across the board.
The workers at the store got an across-the-board pay raise.
go by the board
pass by the board
To go away or disappear forever, be forgotten or not used.
Tom had several chances to go to college, but he let them go by the board.
Grandfather said he was too old to go to the beach. "Those days have passed by the board," he said.
go off the deep end
go overboard
To act excitedly and without careful thinking.
John has gone off the deep end about owning a motorcycle.
Mike warned his roommate not to go off the deep end and get married.
Some girls go overboard for handsome movie and television actors.
Just because you had a serious argument with your supervisor, you didn’t have to go off the deep end and resign, did you?
When Dan’s wife demanded a divorce, he went off the deep end again. This time he was shouting so that the whole neighborhood could hear.
on board
On a ship.
The captain was not on board when the S.S. Flandre sailed.
A ship was leaving the harbor, and we saw the people on board waving.
Joan was not on board the ship when it sailed.
open and aboveboard
Jacob felt that the firm he was doing business with wasn't entirely open and aboveboard.
room and board
A room for rent with meals included.
A room alone in that country costs only $10 a day, but room and board together run $22 a day.