Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом blood. Страница два

Словосочетания со словом blood. Страница два

draw blood
To make someone feel hurt or angry.
If you want to draw blood, ask Jim about his last money-making scheme.
Her sarcastic comments drew blood.
flesh and blood
A close relative (as a father, daughter, brother); close relatives. Used in the phrase one's own flesh and blood.
Близкие родственники; плоть и кровь.
Such an answer from her - and she's my own flesh and blood, too!
She is my flesh and blood so I felt terrible when she got into trouble.
Она моя плоть и кровь, поэтому я чувствовал себя отвратительно, когда она попала в беду.
The appearance of being real or alive.
The author doesn't give his characters any flesh and blood.
The human body.
Before child labor laws, small children often worked 50 or 60 hours a week in factories. It was more than flesh and blood could bear.
in cold blood
Without feeling or pity; in a purposely cruel way; coolly and deliberately.
Безжалостно, хладнокровно, жестоко.
The bank robbers planned to shoot in cold blood anyone who got in their way.
The bandits planned to murder in cold blood all farmers in the village by the river.
The family was murdered in cold blood by the criminal gang.
Семья была безжалостно убита этой преступной группировкой.
in one's blood
into one's blood
Agreeing perfectly with one's sympathies, feelings, and desires.
Living in a warm section of the country gets in your blood.
The woods got into Jim's blood.
make one's blood boil
make the blood boil
To make someone very angry.
Разозлить кого-либо, вывести из себя.
When someone calls me a liar it makes my blood boil.
It made Mary's blood boil to see the children make fun of the crippled girl.
His condescending attitude made my blood boil!
Его снисходительное отношение выводит меня из себя!
He has made her blood boil.
Он привел ее в бешенство.
new blood
Something or someone that gives new life or vigor, fresh energy or power.
New blood was brought into the company through appointment of younger men to important positions.
out of one's blood
Separate from one's feelings, interests, or desires.
When Tom moved to the city, he couldn't get the country out of his blood.
Mary is having a hard job getting summer laziness out of her blood.
run in the blood
run in the family
To be a common family characteristic; be learned or inherited from your family.
Наследственная черта характера или внешности
A great interest in gardening runs in his family.
Red hair runs in the family.
It runs in the family we tend to bruise easily.
Это у нас семейное – мы очень ранимые.