Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом blind

Фразеологизмы со словом blind

blind alley
A narrow street that has only one entrance and no exit.
Тупик; улочка без выхода.
The blind alley ended in a brick wall.
A way of acting that leads to no good results.
Действия, которые не приводят к результату; тупик.
John did not take the job because it was a blind alley.
Tom thought of a way to do the algebra problem, but he found it was a blind alley.
Alex found himself up a blind alley when he was investigating the murder.
Алекс попал в тупик, когда расследовал убийство.
blind as a bat
blind as a beetle
blind as a mole
blind as a owl
Anyone who is blind or has difficulty in seeing; a person with very thick glasses.
Слепой человек или человек имеющий проблемы со зрениеа; человек носящий очень толстые очки.
Without my glasses I am blind as a bat.
Without my glasses I am blind as an owl.
Без моих очков я слепая курица.
blind date
An engagement or date arranged by friends for people who have not previously known one another.
Свидание вслепую; помолвка или свидание организованное друзьями для людей, которые не знали друг друга прежде.
A blind date can be a huge success, or a big disappointment.
I went on a blind date in university but it was not too successful.
У меня было одно свидание вслепую в университете, но оно было не очень успешным.
blind leading the blind
One or more people who do not know or understand something trying to explain it to others who do not know or understand.
Jimmy is trying to show Bill how to skate. The blind are leading the blind.
blind spot
A place on the road that a driver cannot see in the rearview mirror.
I couldn't see that truck behind me, Officer, because it was in my blind spot.
A matter or topic a person refuses to discuss or accept.
My uncle Ted has a real blind spot about religion.
blind you with science
Навесить лапши на уши. Запутать, используя много трудных слов или терминов.
If you ask Tim for a simple explanation, he tries to blind you with science.
Если ты попросишь Тима что-то объяснить тебе на пальцах, он попытается завалить тебя терминологией.
fly blind
To fly an airplane by instruments alone.
In the heavy fog he had to fly blind.
To do something without understanding what you are doing.
I'm glad the car runs now; I was flying blind when I fixed it.
He's flying blind when he talks about philosophy.
love is blind
Любовь слепа; любовь не выбирает.
Love is blind, we love each other despite our imperfections.
Любовь слепа, мы любим друг друга, не смотря на наши недостатки.