Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом black

Фразеологизмы со словом black

as black as one's hat
Быть абсолютно черным - черный как смоль, чернее черного.
This kitten is as black as his hat.
Этот котенок чернее черного.
black and blue
Badly bruised.
В синяках, со следами ударов или ушибов.
Poor Jim was black and blue after he fell off the apple tree.
My shoulder was black and blue after I fell down the stairs.
Мое плечо было в синяках после того, как я свалился с лестницы.
black and white
put on paper
put (it) in black and white
put (it) in writing
Print or writing; words on paper, not spoken; exact written or printed form.
"Черным по белому", в письменной форме.
He insisted on having the agreement down in black and white.
Mrs. Jones would not believe the news, so Mr. Jones showed her the article in the newspaper and said, "There it is in black and white."
Our boss usually asks us to communicate him in black and white.
Наш начальник обычно просит нас передавать ему сообщения в письменном виде.
The different shades of black and white of a simple picture, rather than other colors.
He showed us snapshots in black and white.
black day
A day of great unhappiness; a disaster.
It was a black day when our business venture collapsed.
black eye
A dark area around one's eye due to a hard blow during a fight, such as boxing.
Mike Tyson sported a black eye after the big fight.
Bob's illegal actions will give a black eye to the popular movement he started.
black out
To darken by putting out or dimming lights.
In some plays the stage is blacked out for a short time and the actors speak in darkness.
In wartime, cities are blacked out to protect against bombing from planes.
To prevent or silence information or communication; refuse to give out truthful news.
In wartime, governments often black out all news or give out false news.
Dictators usually black out all criticism of the government.
Some big games are blacked out on television to people who live nearby.
To lose consciousness; faint.
Терять сознание, падать в обморок.
It had been a hard and tiring day, and she suddenly blacked out.
The man blacked out during the parade and he had to sit down and rest.
Мужчина потерял сознание во время парада, и ему пришлось сесть и отдохнуть.
black sheep
A person in a family or a community considered unsatisfactory or disgraceful.
Человек, который является позором для семьи или какой-либо группы людей.
My brother Ted is a high school dropout who joined a circus; he is the black sheep in our family.
The man is the black sheep in his family and has not made a success of his life.
Этот человек – паршивая овца в своей семье и он не преуспел в своей жизни.
Divided into only two sides that are either right or wrong or good or bad, with nothing in between; thinking or judging everything as either good or bad.
Everything is black-and-white to Bill; if you're not his friend, you are his enemy.
The old man's religion shows his black-and-white thinking; everything is either completely good or completely bad.