Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом belt

Фразеологизмы со словом belt

below the belt
hit below the belt
In the stomach; lower than is legal in boxing.
В живот; ниже чем разрешено в боксе.
He struck the other boy below the belt.
In an unfair or cowardly way; against the rules of sportsmanship or justice; unsportingly; wrongly.
Совершать что-то нечестное или трусливое; удар ниже пояса.
It was hitting below the belt for Mr. Jones's rival to tell people about a crime that Mr. Jones committed when he was a young boy.
Pete told the students to vote against Harry because Harry was in a wheelchair and couldn't be a good class president, but the students thought Pete was hitting below the belt.
I think it was a hit below the belt when he lied to her.
Я думаю, это было немного нечестно, что он лгал ей.
My friend was hitting below the belt when he criticized me after I told him my true feelings.
Мой друг ударил ниже пояса, когда начал критиковать меня после того, как я рассказал ему о своих истинных чувствах.
belt out
To sing with rough rhythm and strength; shout out.
She belted out ballads and hillbilly songs one after another all evening.
Young people enjoy belting out songs.
corn belt
The Midwest; the agricultural section of the United States where much corn is grown.
Kansas is one of the slates that lies within the corn belt.
green belt
Полоса зеленых насаждений вокруг городских построек.
Our city has a policy to increase the green belt around the city.
Мы получили установку расширить полосу зеленых насаждений вокруг города.
seat belt
A strong strap used to protect a person in a moving car or other vehicle by holding him in his seat.
When the plane began to land, Billy and his mother fastened their seat belts.
Passengers in automobiles should wear seat belts for safety.
A portion of the southern United States where the winter is very mild in comparison to other states.
The Simpsons left Chicago for the sunbelt because of Jeff's rheumatism.
tighten one's belt
tighten one's belt another notch
To live on less money than usual; use less food and other things.
Жить в ситуации, когда в распоряжении есть меньше денег (достатка) чем обычно; "затянуть пояс".
When father lost his job we had to tighten our belts.
Another bill? I'll have to tighten my belt this month!
Ещё один счёт? Мне придется затянуть пояс потуже в этом месяце!
I lost my job yesterday so now I need to tighten my belt.
Вчера я потерял работу, так что теперь придётся затянуть пояса.
Often used in the expression tighten one's belt another notch.
When the husband lost his job, the Smiths had to do without many things, but when their savings were all spent, they had to tighten their belts another notch.
under one's belt
In your stomach; eaten; or absorbed.
Once he had a good meal under his belt, the man loosened his tie and fell asleep.
Jones is talkative when he has a few drinks under his belt.
In your experience, memory or possession; learned or gotten successfully; gained by effort and skill.
Jim has to get a lot of algebra under his belt before the examination.
With three straight victories under their belts, the team went on to win the championship.