Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом and

Фразеологизмы со словом and

--- and ---
And is used between repeated words to show continuation or emphasis.
When the children saw the beautiful Christmas tree they looked and looked.
Old Mr, Bryan has known Grandfather for years and years, since they were boys.
Billy dived to the bottom of the lake again and again, looking for the lost watch.
Everyone wished the speaker would stop, but he talked on and on.
When and is used between words with opposite meaning, it often emphasizes how much you mean.
Mr. Jones worked early and late to earn enough to live.
The parents hunted high and low for the lost child.
Pandora's box
open Pandora's box
A thing or problem that, if activated, will give rise to many unmanageable problems.
If they insist on having that inquiry, they will open up a Pandora's box.
Tom, Dick, and Harry
every Tom, Dick, and Harry
People in general; anyone; everyone.
Usually preceded by "every" and used to show scorn or disrespect.
Люди в целом; все, каждый.
Обычно используется со словом "every".
The drunk told his troubles to every Tom, Dick and Harry who passed by.
Draw the curtains or we'll have every Tom, Dick, and Harry peeking in the window.
Задерни занавески или все будут заглядывать в окна.
a day late and a dollar short
Днем позже и на доллар меньше - о чем-то чего слишком мало, и это случилось слишком поздно.
The government's attempts at reform were a day late and a dollar short.
Попытки реформы со стороны правительства были слишком незначительными и запоздалыми.
act high and mighty
To wield power; act overbearingly; order others around; look down on others.
Вести себя высокомерно и властно.
Paul is an inexperienced teacher and he acts high and mighty with his students.
Stella acted high and mighty that’s why no one liked her.
Стэлла ведёт себя высокомерно и властно, поэтому никто её не любит.
after all is said and done
Наконец, после всего.
After all is said and done, they have shown a very good performance.
Наконец, им показали очень хорошее представление.
alive and kicking
Very active; vigorous; full of energy.
Grandpa was taken to the hospital with pneumonia, but he was discharged yesterday and is alive and kicking.
all is fair in love and war
В любви и на войне все средства хороши.
All is fair in love and war the man thought when he asked his colleague for a date.
В любви и на войне все способы хороши, думал мужчина, когда приглашал свою коллегу на свидание.