Изучение английского языка по фильмам - вторая часть 74-ой серии MASH

Обучение английскому языку по фильмам

программа для изучения английского языка

Фрагмент английского текста из сериала MASH 'Change of Command'

Прибыло новое начальство. Майор Поттер, новый начальник госпиталя, начаниет наводить свой порядок. Майор Бернс пропадает. В госпиталь прибывает большое число раненых солдат.

Фрагмент текста из второй части 74-ой сериии на английском языке:

Sorry, camp. Attention, by command of the new commanding officer all officers report to the commanding officer's office, sirs.
Father Mulcahy. Oh, yes. Of course. Uh-huh.Mm-hmm.Uh-huh. You're clean. -Thank God, sir. -Catholic? -Yes, sir.
Can you do a Methodist thing for me on Sunday? -I handle all denominations, Colonel. -Any other Methodists in the outfit? -Two or three.
-Good. I hate to sing alone. Major Houlihan. -Sir! -Chief nurse. -Yes, sir. -Ten years, spotless record. -Thank you, sir.
Major Frank Burns. -Just friends, sir. I mean, he's not here, sir. He's indisposed.
-Captain Pierce. -Yo! -Keep your yo's to yourself. Tsk,tsk,tsk. -Captain Hunnicutt. -Yes, sir.
You two were reprimanded by Major Burns for setting fire to the latrine. -That was an accident.
-We were having a weenie roast. -In the latrine? -We're not allowed to cook in our tents, sir.
Also, Pierce, it says here you had a live chicken flown here by helicopter, claiming it was a patient. That was a rare bird, Colonel.