Обучение английскому языку по рассказу Flight Through Tomorrow

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Фрагмент текста на английско языке рассказа Stanton A. Coblentz 'Flight Through Tomorrow'

Супер войны уничтожили старую расу человека, но где-то в другом месте вселенной зарождается новая человеческая цивилизация...

Фрагмент текста на английском языке:

Nothing was further from my mind, when I discovered the "Release Drug" Relin, than the realization that it would lead me through as strange and ghastly and revealing a series of adventures as any man has ever experienced. I encountered it, in a way, as a mere by-product of my experiments; I am a chemist by profession, and as one of the staff of the Morganstern Foundation I have access to some of the best equipped laboratories in America. The startling new invention I must call it that, though I did not create it deliberately came to me in the course of my investigations into the obscure depths of the human personality.