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OTHER NECESSARY INTRODUCTIONS Even in New York’s most introductionless circles, people always introduce: A small group of people who are to sit together anywhere. Partners at dinner. The guests at a house party. Everyone at a small dinner or luncheon. The four who are at the same bridge table. Partners or fellow-players in any game. At a dance, when an invitation has been asked for a stranger, the friend who vouched for him should personally present him to the hostess. “Mrs. Worldly, this is Mr. Robinson, whom you said I might bring.” The hostess shakes hands and smiles and says:“I am very glad to see you, Mr. Robinson.” A guest in a box at the opera always introduces any gentleman who comes to speak to her, to her hostess, unless the latter is engrossed in conversation with a visitor of her own, or unless other people block the distance between so that an introduction would be forced and awkward.