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Мистер и миссис. Урок английского языка по второй части второй главы книги 'Etiquette'

Мистер и миссис

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The daughter’s name is omitted because it is extremely bad taste (except in the South) to call her daughter “Miss Mary” to any one but a servant, and on the other hand she should not present a young man to “Mary.” The young man can easily find out her name afterward. Other permissible forms of introduction are “Mrs. Jones, do you know Mrs. Norman?” or,“Mrs. Jones, you know Mrs. Robinson, don’t you?” (on no account say “Do you not?” Best Society always says “don’t you?”) or, “Mrs. Robinson, have you met Mrs. Jones?” or, “Mrs. Jones, do you know my mother?” or,“This is my daughter Ellen, Mrs. Jones.” These are all good form, whether gentlemen are introduced to ladies, ladies to ladies, or gentlemen to gentlemen. In introducing a gentleman to a lady, you may ask Mr. Smith if he has met Mrs. Jones, but you must not ask Mrs. Jones if she has met Mr. Smith!