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Высшее общество. Урок английского языка по первой части второй главы книги 'Etiquette'

Высшее общество

Фрагмент текста на английском языке:

THE WORD “present” is preferable on formal occasions to the word “introduce.” On informal occasions neither word is expressed, though understood, as will be shown below. The correct formal introduction is:“Mrs. Jones, may I present Mr. Smith?” or, “Mr. Distinguished, may I present Mr. Young?” The younger person is always presented to the older or more distinguished, but a gentleman is always presented to a lady, even though he is an old gentleman of great distinction and the lady a mere slip of a girl. No lady is ever, except to the President of the United States, a cardinal, or a reigning sovereign, presented to a man. The correct introduction of either a man or woman: To the President,is,“Mr. President, I have the honor to present Mrs. Jones, of Chicago.” To a Cardinal,is,“Your Eminence, may I present Mrs. Jones?” To a King: Much formality of presenting names on lists is gone through beforehand; at the actual presentation an “accepted” name is repeated from functionary to equerry and nothing is said to the King or Queen except: “Mrs. Jones.” But a Foreign Ambassador is presented, “Mr. Ambassador, may I present you to Mrs. Jones.”