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“SOCIETY” is an ambiguous term; it may mean much or nothing. Every human being unless dwelling alone in a cave is a member of society of one sort or another, and therefore it is well to define what is to be understood by the term “Best Society” and why its authority is recognized. Best Society abroad is always the oldest aristocracy; composed not so much of persons of title, which may be new, as of those families and communities which have for the longest period of time known highest cultivation. Our own Best Society is represented by social groups which have had, since this is America, widest rather than longest association with old world cultivation. Cultivation is always the basic attribute of Best Society, much as we hear in this country of an “Aristocracy of wealth.” To the general public a long purse is synonymous with high position a theory dear to the heart of the “yellow” press and eagerly fostered in the preposterous social functions of screen drama.