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Jack's friends always told him he had the ultimate job. For fifteen years, he had been working as one of Hollywood's most trusted location scouts. Now, in movie lingo, a location scout is someone hired by a producer to find locations where a movie can be shot. Jack was a seasoned pro who could find even the most obscure locations anywhere in the world. One spring day in 1998, Jack received a script from a major Hollywood studio that sounded like an easy job. The film took place in the 1940s, and many scenes occurred in a ritzy downtown hotel. Since the script also called for scenes in a cypress swamp, Jack decided to take a journey through the American South to see what he could find. Jack had never been to the Deep South before. Since he had plenty of time and was on the studio's payroll, he took a leisurely train ride through the area to absorb this new world. After several weeks of searching, Jack boarded a train for Atlanta. He had found plenty of swampy locations in Louisiana and Mississippi, but still hadn't found the right hotel. Certainly in the so-called "capital of the New South," he could find what he was looking for. The

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Джек работал в Голливуде как один из самых квалифицированных сотрудников для поиска места для съемок фильмов. В один прекрасный день о получил задание для поиска фильма о событиях 40-х годов, и должен был найти отель, который еще сохранил атмосферу того времени. После долгих поисков Джек отправляется в Атланту. В день прибытия Джека на улице льет сильнейший ливень, такси от отеля, где было забронировано место для Джека, не появилось по каким-то причинам. К счастью Джека на стоянке было такси друго отеля...