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Chris Norman 'Living Next Door to Alice'

'Living Next Door to Alice' - песня написанная авторами Nicky Chinn и Mike Chapman. Песня впервые исполнена в 1972-ом году австралийским вокальным трио 'New World' и достигла позиции 35 в австралийском чарте. В ноябре 1976-го года британская группа Smokie выпустила свою версию 'Living Next Door to Alice'. Сингл достиг 5-го места в чарте UK Singles Chart и 25-го места в США. Сингл достиг 1-го места в Австрии, Германии, Ирландии, Нидерландах, Норвегии и Швейцарии.

Фрагмент текста на английском языке:

Sally called, and when she got the word, she said: "I suppose you've heard About Alice".
So I rushed to the window, And I looked outside, I could hardly believe my eyes
As a big limousine pulled slowly Into Alice's drive...
Oh, I don't know why she's leaving, Or where she's gonna go, I guess she's got her reasons,
But I just don't want to know, 'Cos for twenty-four years I've been living next door to Alice.
Twenty-four years just waiting for a chance, To tell her how I feel,
and maybe get a second glance, Now I've got to get used to not living next door to Alice...
We grew up together, Two kids in the park, We carved our initials, Deep in the bark, Me and Alice.
Now she walks through the door, With her head held high, Just for a moment,
I caught her eye, As a big limousine pulled slowly Out of Alice's drive.