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Sinead O'Connor 'Jealous'

'Jealous' - песня из альбома 2000-го года 'Faith and Courage'. 'Faith and Courage' - пятый альбом Sinéad O'Connor, выпущен в 2000-м году, после перерыва в три года. O'Connor сочинила большую часть треков 'Faith and Courage'. Было продано более 1000000 копий альбома по всему миру. Он был сертифицирован как золотой альбом в Австралии (35000 копий) в 2000-м году.

Фрагмент текста на английском языке:

You're jealous You just can't stand to see me Get along without you
Like I do, you told me to Now you're jealous
You don't know how hard it was To be alone without you
And wanting you, like I do
I would've stayed if you'd wanted would have been willing
But you said I treat you so badly I can't be forgiven
You know I would've done anything To make it through with you
But I don't deserve to be lonely Just cuz you say I do
You're jealous You don't know how hard it is To be a woman in love with you
When you're so cruel, and so jealous