Английский на слух: События произошедшие в науке в 2004-ом году.

Изучение английского языка. Научные события произошедшие в 2004-ом году

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Научные события произошедшие в 2004-ом году

Изменение климата в Арктике.
Вакцинация детей в Афркие.
Обнаружение неизвестной группы первобытных людей.

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Debate continues about the remains of small human-like creatures discovered in Indonesia. A team of Australian and Indonesian scientists reported the discovery last month in Nature magazine. The first of the bones were uncovered last year in Liang Bua, a large cave on the island of Flores. The scientists believe the bones came from an adult who stood only about one meter tall. Their study found that such individuals lived as recently as twelve-thousand years ago. The scientists also say the bones appear to be different from those of any known group, or species. So, they consider these human-like creatures to be part of a new species. The scientists have named it Homo floresiensis, or man of Flores. The bones of several other human-like individuals have been found in Liang Bua. At first, the scientists thought the remains came from children. But, closer study of the teeth and bones confirmed that they belonged to adults. The discovery has caused excitement in the field of archaeology, the study of material remains of past human life and activities.