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Сказка Ганса Христиана Андерсена 'Ангел'

Каждый раз, когда умирает добрый ребенок, с неба спускается божий ангел...

Фрагмент текста на английском языке:

Whenever a good child dies, an angel of God comes down from heaven, takes the dead child in his arms, spreads out his great white wings, and flies with him over all the places which the child had loved during his life. Then he gathers a large handful of flowers, which he carries up to the Almighty, that they may bloom more brightly in heaven than they do on earth. And the Almighty presses the flowers to His heart, but He kisses the flower that pleases Him best, and it receives a voice,and is able to join the song of the chorus of bliss." These words were spoken by an angel of God, as he carried a dead child up to heaven, and the child listened as if in a dream. Then they passed over well-known spots, where the little one had often played, and through beautiful gardens full of lovely flowers. "Which of these shall we take with us to heaven to be transplanted there?" asked the angel. Close by grew a slender, beautiful, rose-bush, but some wicked hand had broken the stem, and the half-opened rosebuds hung faded and withered on the trailing branches.

О чем сказка:

Каждый раз, когда умирает добрый ребенок, с неба спускается божий ангел, берет дитя на руки и облетает с ним на своих больших крыльях все его любимые места. По пути ангел с ребенком набирают целый букет разных цветов и берут их с собою на небо, где они расцветают еще пышнее, чем на земле....